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[texts]Hk 4
Hk 4
Keywords: pistol; slide; firing; magazine; hammer; acp; safety; weapon; barrel; trigger; firing pin; face plate; recoil spring; centre fire; rim fire
Downloads: 47
[texts]Marlin 70P
Marlin 70P
Keywords: gun; marlin; firearms; pledge; hie; safety; charging; warranty; recoil; charging handle; recoil spring; marlin safety; firearms company
Downloads: 19
[texts]Polytech Aks
Polytech Aks
Keywords: firearm; lever; bolt; safety; magazine; rifle; firearms; ammunition; kfs; warranty; safety lever; recoil spring; receiver cover; front portion; bolt handle
Downloads: 47
[texts]Norinco 1911A1
Norinco 1911A1
Keywords: slide; pistol; barrel; recoil; magazine; chinasports; gun; cartridge; firing; spring; recoil spring; firing pin; remove slide; field stripping
Downloads: 33
[texts]Marlin 60
Marlin 60
Keywords: gun; action; cartridges; recoil; charging; safety; handle; spring; firearm; charging handle; recoil spring; spring guide; ihe rear
Downloads: 23
[texts]Accutek At25 At32 At380
Accutek At25 At32 At380
Keywords: firearm; trigger; magazine; slide; spring; hammer; safety; pistol; ammunition; guard; trigger guard; safety lever; recoil spring; magazine catch
Downloads: 124
[texts]Budischowsky Tp-70
Budischowsky Tp-70
Keywords: recoil; spring; magazine; slide; trigger; pistol; pin; barrel; hammer; firing; recoil spring; spring guide; trigger bar; holding lever
Downloads: 80
[texts]Walther Pa63
Walther Pa63
Keywords: hammer; pin; trigger; pistol; slide; magazine; spring; ammunition; safety; firing; trigger guard; push pin; sear push; safety lever; firing pin; recoil spring; pressure spring; hammer spring; grip screw
Downloads: 22
[texts]Star 43 Manual
Star 43 Manual
Keywords: magazine; pistol; slide; firing; trigger; hammer; safety; thumb; recoil; magazine catch; firing pin; thumb safety; recoil spring; rear sight; trigger bar; magazine safety; catch button
Downloads: 30
[texts]Keltec P3At
Keltec P3At
Keywords: hammer; trigger; pistol; firing; firearm; magazine; recoil; slide; pin; safe; hammer block; firing pin; assembly pin; trigger bar; safe direction; parts manual; recoil spring; magazine catch; hammer spring
Downloads: 36
[texts]Armscor 1911Ms
Armscor 1911Ms
Keywords: spring; recoil; pin; magazine; grip; barrel; trigger; pistol; caliber; armscor; recoil spring; main spring; spring guide; spring housing; magazine release; firing pin
Downloads: 39
[texts]Improvised Mini Machine Pistol

Keywords: recoil; trigger; receiver; screw; brazed; spring; magazine; bolt; retaining; lug; trigger housing; retaining screw; recoil spring; spring guide; pivot screw; magazine housing; magazine catch; firing pin
Downloads: 218
[texts]Vostok Mu Muy
Vostok Mu Muy
Keywords: pin; slide; trigger; rear; hammer; spring; foresight; sear; magazine; sight; rear sight; slide cotter; firing pin; trigger bar; sight adjustment; recoil spring; magazine catch
Downloads: 30
Keywords: slide; magazine; cartridge; spring; barrel; pistol; firing; sear; recoil; hammer; recoil spring; magazine catch; firing pin; cartridge case; sear bar; hammer spring; trigger plunger; firing chamber
Downloads: 34
[texts]Benelli B76
Benelli B76
Keywords: pistol; firing; slide; pin; hammer; grip; safety; magazine; rear; toggle; double action; firing pin; tha pistol; single action; recoil spring; locking support; grooved rear; firing hand
Downloads: 33
[texts]Astra A100
Astra A100
Keywords: pistol; gun; spring; slide; magazine; trigger; firing; firearm; pin; cartridge; rear sight; firing pin; magazine catch; safe direction; recoil spring; powder solvent; pin block; muzzle pointed; master gun
Downloads: 41
[texts]EAA Fab92
EAA Fab92
Keywords: pistol; slide; trigger; pin; magazine; gun; firing; spring; hammer; safety; firing pin; trigger bar; magazine catch; safety lever; recoil spring; red dot; pin safety; hammer spring
Downloads: 21
[texts]Astra A75
Astra A75
Keywords: pistol; gun; slide; trigger; magazine; pin; firing; hammer; cartridge; unload; firing pin; magazine catch; recoil spring; sear bar; safe direction; pin block; muzzle pointed; master gun
Downloads: 62
[texts]SKS Cleaning
SKS Cleaning
Keywords: sks; rifle; clean; cleaning; patch; solvent; bolt; disassembly; bore; remover; sks rifle; gas piston; clean patch; break free; soaked patch; recoil spring; pistol cleaning; cleaning rod; bore guide
Downloads: 87
[texts]Astra A70
Astra A70
Keywords: pistol; slide; gun; trigger; magazine; spring; firing; unload; sear; bullet; firing pin; recoil spring; magazine catch; spring guide; slide retainer; safe direction; pin block; master gun
Downloads: 76
[texts]EAA Witness
EAA Witness
Keywords: pistol; trigger; gun; magazine; slide; pin; safety; eaa; hammer; firing; firing pin; trigger bar; recoil spring; magazine catch; release button; pin spring; master gun; magazine release; lead compounds
Downloads: 41
[texts]Intratec Tec Dc9
Intratec Tec Dc9
Keywords: firearm; magazine; bolt; handle; operating; trigger; spring; firing; barrel; striker; operating handle; firing pin; upper receiver; magazine catch; recoil spring; parts add; add prefix
Downloads: 90
[texts]Star Pd Manual
Star Pd Manual
Keywords: pistol; slide; magazine; recoil; hammer; cartridge; rear; acp; barrel; thumb; recoil spring; rear sight; thumb safety; sight windage; magazine catch; windage spmdel; star pistol; spring guide; firing pin
Downloads: 87
[texts]Republic Rap-440
Republic Rap-440
Keywords: pistol; slide; magazine; firing; hammer; pin; safety; trigger; cartridge; barrel; firing pin; recoil spring; manual safety; spring assembly; slide assembly; sear bar; release button; pin safety; magazine release
Downloads: 22
[texts]generalmanual 000035618
generalmanual 000035618
Keywords: blade; cutting; cutter; power; blades; fuel; starter; engine; filter; check; power cutter; cutting blade; blade guard; cutting blades; safety instructions; starter cord; spark plug; recoil spring; drive belt; diamond blades
Downloads: 13
[texts]Llama Micromax
Llama Micromax
Keywords: slide; gun; safety; cartridge; firing; pistol; barrel; pin; hammer; spring; firing pin; recoil spring; pin safety; slide lock; barrel bushing; half cock; spring guide; main spring; llama handguns; grip safety
Downloads: 12
[texts]generalmanual 000005568
generalmanual 000005568
Keywords: blade; cutting; cutter; power; blades; fuel; filter; starter; engine; check; power cutter; cutting blade; cutting blades; diamond blades; starter cord; spark plug; safety instructions; recoil spring; blade guard; air filter
Downloads: 15
[texts]Bersa MiniThunder 9 40
Bersa MiniThunder 9 40
Keywords: firearm; safety; magazine; cartridge; slide; pistol; hammer; spring; pin; ammunition; magazine release; firing pin; release button; recoil spring; model minithunder; technical data; spring guide; slide catch; manual safety; magazine catch
Downloads: 12
Keywords: magazine; barrel; recoil; spring; slide; trigger; pin; pistol; hammer; weapon; takedown latch; slide assembly; roller cam; recoil spring; bottom plate; trigger bar; plate extension; magazine bottom; hold open; firing pin
Downloads: 16
[texts]Beretta 8000
Beretta 8000
Keywords: magazine; pistol; slide; cartridge; firearm; safety; firing; chamber; barrel; hammer; magazine release; firing pin; central block; manual safety; release button; recoil spring; decocking lever; double action; lightly oil; field stripping
Downloads: 16
[texts]Robinson Supervepr
Robinson Supervepr
Keywords: bolt; rear; rifle; safety; firearm; receiver; vepr; recoil; carrier; sight; bolt carrier; charging handle; safety button; scope mount; gas tube; recoil spring; locking lever; rear sight; front sight; spring guide
Downloads: 15
[texts]Charlesdaly Ms1911A1
Charlesdaly Ms1911A1
Keywords: spring; slide; pin; pistol; barrel; recoil; hammer; safety; grip; magazine; main spring; recoil spring; charles daly; spring housing; magazine release; safety lock; grip safety; firing pin; spring guide; hammer strut
Downloads: 14
[texts]Hk 0
Hk 0
Keywords: ump; magazine; bolt; submachine; suppressor; weapon; sound; buttstock; lever; firing; sound suppressor; submachine gun; ump submachine; firing pin; cocking lever; carrying sling; upper receiver; lower receiver; recoil spring; bolt group
Downloads: 16
[texts]Kintrek Kbp-1
Kintrek Kbp-1
Keywords: trigger; plunger; pin; spring; kintrek; grip; remove; recoil; safety; firing; grip safety; firing system; cross pin; port cover; trigger rod; trigger bar; recoil spring; piece guard; ejection port; cocking piece
Downloads: 14
[texts]Kimber 22 Pistol
Kimber 22 Pistol
Keywords: slide; pistol; kimber; hammer; cartridge; barrel; magazine; firearm; safety; recoil; recoil spring; thumb safety; muzzle pointed; firing pin; safe direction; magazine catch; grip safety; dry patch; warranty repairs; trigger guard
Downloads: 22
[texts]generalmanual 000005570
generalmanual 000005570
Keywords: blade; cutting; cutter; power; fuel; blades; starter; filter; engine; check; power cutter; cutting blade; blade guard; cutting blades; safety instructions; starter cord; spark plug; recoil spring; drive belt; diamond blades
Downloads: 12
[texts]Hk Mp5Sf
Hk Mp5Sf
Keywords: butt; recoil; bolt; locking; magazine; cocking; weapon; sight; spring; assembly; recoil spring; butt stock; retractable butt; front sight; fixed butt; firing pin; submachine gun; rear sight; cocking lever; butt slock
Downloads: 18
[texts]Colt Government Model Mkiv Series 70 Model O1970A1
Colt Government Model Mkiv Series 70 Model O1970A1
Keywords: pistol; slide; safety; hammer; magazine; trigger; depends; spring; firing; barrel; safety depends; slide lock; firing pin; lock safety; recoil spring; half cock; instruction manual; barrel bushing; grip safety; safety instructions
Downloads: 14
[texts]Kimber Fullsize
Kimber Fullsize
Keywords: slide; pistol; kimber; hammer; cartridge; barrel; magazine; firearm; safety; recoil; recoil spring; thumb safety; muzzle pointed; firing pin; safe direction; magazine catch; grip safety; dry patch; warranty repairs; trigger guard
Downloads: 15
[texts]Para Pxt Lda
Para Pxt Lda
Keywords: pistol; slide; magazine; spring; safety; barrel; recoil; pin; plunger; rear; recoil spring; slide lock; lock safety; main spring; grip safety; firing pin; rear sight; barrel bushing; safety glasses; magazine catch
Downloads: 10
[texts]Armscor 1600R
Armscor 1600R
Keywords: trigger; spring; bolt; pin; magazine; screw; receiver; firing; retainer; rebound; firing pin; extension rod; bolt handle; receiver cap; trigger housing; trigger guard; spring guide; safety latch; recoil spring; pivot pin
Downloads: 13
Keywords: pistol; magazine; pin; safety; cartridge; trigger; slide; firing; spring; barrel; firing pin; instruction manual; barrel bore; loaded chamber; chamber indicator; recoil spring; safety instructions; trigger pull; safety mode; pistol parts
Downloads: 19
[texts]Sig P250Dcc
Sig P250Dcc
Keywords: pistol; magazine; slide; sight; lever; recoil; catch; spring; grip; module; magazine catch; recoil spring; grip module; front sight; slide catch; catch lever; severe injuries; rear sight; spring guide; spare parts
Downloads: 20
[texts]Benelli Sbe
Benelli Sbe
Keywords: tou; kai; tnv; dans; nou; tov; sur; les; sivai; benelli; benelli armi; super black; firing pin; black eagle; drop lever; cartridge drop; una cartuccia; sur votre; safety catch; recoil spring
Downloads: 12
[texts]Swede M42B
Swede M42B
Keywords: bolt; sight; anders; rifle; automatgevar; firing; extractor; push; muzzle; manual; firing pin; front sight; bolt carrier; bolt assembly; sight screw; safety lever; muzzle plug; recoil spring; cover forward; cleaning rod
Downloads: 20
[texts]Para Hc
Para Hc
Keywords: slide; pistol; magazine; barrel; recoil; spring; safety; bushing; step; rear; recoil spring; slide lock; lock safety; barrel bushing; safety glasses; rear sight; barrel link; firing pin; spring assembly; pistol pointed
Downloads: 18
[texts]Norinco 84S
Norinco 84S
Keywords: pin; spring; rifle; rear; accessory; bolt; remove; sight; assembly; handgurd; rear sight; magazine latch; front sight; cleaning rod; bolt carrier; sight base; recoil spring; pin spring; flash suppressor; firing pin
Downloads: 19
[texts]Browning Hipower
Browning Hipower
Keywords: pistol; slide; magazine; spring; automatic; sear; pin; firing; trigger; lever; automatic pistol; power automatic; high power; firing pin; browning high; sear lever; recoil spring; trigger lever; spring guide; rear sight
Downloads: 15
[texts]Beretta 21
Beretta 21
Keywords: hammer; pistol; barrel; safety; trigger; slide; magazine; firearm; chamber; beretta; double action; action trigger; firing pin; trigger pull; barrel lever; warning dot; single action; recoil spring; red warning; manual hammer
Downloads: 22
[texts]Sig P220
Sig P220
Keywords: pistol; slide; magazine; lever; sight; recoil; spring; trigger; hammer; safety; recoil spring; front sight; rear sight; decocking lever; slide catch; severe injuries; catch lever; double action; spring guide; magazine catch
Downloads: 16
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